Hello, and welcome. I’m delighted you are here. As a busy mum and entrepreneur, I know only too well what it’s like to juggle and to feel that end of day exhaustion which comes after work, home and family.

I also want you to know that it doesn’t have to be that way. Through experience and practice I have developed a different approach, and it has transformed the way I deal with a hectic life. From the beginning I ask you just to give yourself permission to think about what you need for yourself: this is a programme of change, built for you.

I’m married and I have 3 sons: one with ASD (like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory), one active ball of energy with the best and busiest social life of anyone in our household, and the third who is severely disabled and needs 24/7 attention. Even our cat is full on and frisky.

Oh, and I also run two home-based businesses.

Coming to the UK from Chile over a decade ago, it was not easy to keep everything running smoothly, especially as we didn’t have any family around to help.

Back in Chile, I had studied Business Management, and worked for one of the biggest mining corporations in the country – managing finance and acquisitions, as well as looking after internal and external clients, all while managing a team to support our geologists’ field work.

Claudia Romero

So the theme emerges – juggling, pressure, economics, management – sound familiar?

Of course my life is busy, but I can honestly tell you that every day I still have time left over. I work, I run my businesses, spend quality time with my family, cook, clean and take care of all the other household admin and chores… but I still have time to have fun, be with friends, and enjoy a happy, balanced life for myself and my family.

And I know I can help you have the same. Which is why I started my coaching business for busy women. I help my clients regain control of their time, finding space to make choices and enjoy the important things in their lives.

So if you’re ready to change for the better, take a deep breath and think about what better could look like:

  • This programme is tailored to you
  • Find yourself amidst life’s chaos through practical steps
  • Build the tools you need to refocus and create order
  • Organise your home to serve you better on your own terms
  • Find your organised self, with positive habits that can free up your time and give you room to think
  • Learn how to delegate, so that everyone who lives in your home can play their part
  • Learn what can be dropped, and where you can reduce
  • Discover YOUR time – when you can do the things you really want to


It is not only essential – for so many reasons – to find your time, but it is also possible. If you can relate to overwhelm, then let’s talk. In your first free 30 minute consultation I will begin to help you work out how to tackle the things you are facing right from the outset by focusing on one specific area. There’s no obligation, and we can begin to create change, even if 30 minutes is all we have together. Contact Claudia here.