Your Complete Transformation

It's Time to Clarify Your Goals, Make a Plan

And Achieve The Life You've Dreamed

– NO more running from one thing to the next

– NO more risk of burnout, overload or overwhelm

– NO more going to sleep frustrated and annoyed of haven’t done what you set on the day.

– NO more wasting precious time and effort

– NO more being out of control and lose motivation

– NO more putting yourself last on the priority list and please everyone around you but yourself.

Is this sounds like you?

There is no need to keep the same can achieve more doing less!

From out of control to perfect balance. From frazzled to fabulous. In just 90 days you can transform your life. We will work together and personalise the framework I used to manage my own transformation to your own life. When others rely on you, you cannot afford to ignore your own needs.


Setting Up

We will work in depth, the foundations you will need to START GETTING CLARITY of what you want for you and your business.


Work in what tasks will MOVE you forward faster and help you OVERCOME the procrastination and overwhelm that keeps most people stuck.

Your Road Map

To help you find clarity, REGAIN CONTROL of your time, REMOVE DISTRACTIONS and create new HABITS that will make your life easier.


How taking small steps will help to ACHIEVE MORE in less of a rush (and less time) and GET THE RESULTS you were looking for to live a healthier and happier life.
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You can ACHIEVE your Goals

You can get CLARITY on your purpose

You can have more ME TIME

You can ENJOY your life

What is my Investment?

I know everyone is starting this journey from different places. Whether you are at the end of the tether or if you want to avoid to reach the end of the road and know you need to make changes.

You can choose the option that suits you at this moment, and you will start your transformation From Frazzled to Fabulous right away.

What is Included

The Program is based on The S.O.U.L.* method:

Simplify – Get clear on the basics to build habits and good foundations without getting overwhelmed.

Organise/Optimise – what can be done and eliminate what doesn’t serve you.

Understand – your environment, yourself, and your energy to get more focus and results

Leverage – put in place tools and systems that will ease your load without you losing control.

  • 2 planning and accountability sessions a month to help you track progress and keep tweaking and improving.
  • Weekly personalised support via email
  • Support material tailored for you.
  • Access to a video vault of topics that will support your growth.

*The S.O.U.L. method is copyrighted and all rights are reserved to Claudia Romero.

Not Sure Yet...Not a Problem!

We can have a long complimentary call to see how I can answer all the questions you may have.

What My Clients Say

“Thank you for your advice on delegate tasks at home! I asked my kids to sort out all the shoes which one to keep and which one to bin or give away. This is a tiny tiny step, but the good thing is that they are engaged.”

– Claudia Stark

“She helped me be more consistent with my work & those jobs I sometimes put off.”

– Sarah Parkes

“The materials have been very useful, particularly the tasks for children (although I am still to implement at home). I also liked those on prioritising and tracking how I spend my days.”

– Michelle Murray


Why working with you if I just could do all this out for myself for free?

Of course you could spend hours reading around and watching YouTube videos – but you don’t have the time for that! You would then need to implement into your life. You could start overwhelming again with all you have learnt and try to do them all at once. Rather than thinking about how you can get the info for free, maybe think about how the investment in the programme will pay for itself, more done in less time that can generate you more money in your business, more time for you and to do what it is most important for you, and all with less stress or overwhelm.

I've tried getting organised in the past but I struggle to keep it going, why would be different this time?

Because this time you will have someone to keep you on track, someone that want you to succeed on everything you want to move forward, because for me is important that you start to have time for you, because I believe when we have time to nurture ourselves we can achieve so much more. Because I will be your cheerleader and accountability buddy so when you feel lacking motivation I will be there to keep you moving towards your goals.

I really don't have time so I don't see how you can help me having more time?

Truth bomb! We all have 24 hours a day, so you have the same amount of hours as all the rest of people in the world. I can help you, honestly, to re order your activities and priorities so you can start to see where you are not using your time efficiently, and you will see that you will start to achieve so much more without burning out. You will see that you can enjoy a balanced life doing what you really like to do and moving your business forward.

Organisation, Planning and Habits will reduce my freedom and flexibility! How you can show me that this is not the case?

On the contrary, using all those tools will help you to have more free time to do whatever you want and be creative. Having more time will allow you to move things around at your convenience, having flexibility and know that your business would not suffer. Your mindset and health will improve because you will be in control. In time practising these new skills you will not have your days overloaded anymore.