Claudia Romero Coaching Consultant Speaker Life Coach Mum

Claudia Romero

Coaching Consultant Speaker Life Coach Mum

| Achieve more with less stress |

| Achieve more with less stress |

Empower yourself, unlock your full potential & grow consistently

Practical Tools and support that will unlock your best self and help you achieve all you wanted to get a true balanced life

Empower yourself, unlock your full potential & grow consistently

Practical Tools and support that will unlock your best self and help you achieve all you wanted to get a true balanced life
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In 2023, I found myself nominated for four prestigious awards. While I didn’t secure the Women in Business Awards or the Woman Who Achieves Solopreneur titles, I proudly won the GTeX Grit Award for the second consecutive year. Moreover, being recognized as one of the 100 Female Entrepreneurs to watch in Scotland was a moment of immense pride for me.

I’ll be honest, 2023 threw some tough punches my way. Despite all that, I stayed strong, choosing not to give in to self-pity or give up.

Let’s be real—there were moments when throwing in the towel seemed tempting, mornings where getting out of bed felt like an uphill battle. But then I’d pause and ponder: Could I truly envision a life without pursuing my passions? The resounding answer? A resolute no. Sure, the journey might have its dull patches, but the thought of abandoning what I love? Utterly uninspiring.

I love learning, feel happy when I help others, enjoy taking action, and value the freedom to make my own choices.

Sure, some days demand a slower pace, but quitting has never been an option. Life’s rollercoaster ride promises its share of peaks and valleys, yet armed with tenacity and unwavering determination, every twist and turn becomes part of a fulfilling adventure.

Motivational quote

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.



Who I AM

Mother, Coach and Speaker

More than a productivity Coach…

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Hey there! Are you tired of feeling like just another client to a productivity coach? Well, I’m here to tell you that I am definitely not “one more productivity coach”!

Let me tell you why:

Firstly, I bring a one-of-a-kind perspective to the table. I’ve been through some seriously tough challenges in my own life, and those experiences have shaped my views on productivity in a way that sets me apart from the crowd.

Secondly, I’m always on the lookout for new knowledge and fresh strategies to help my clients be their most productive selves. I’m not interested in recycling the same old tips and tricks; I want to provide innovative and effective solutions for my clients’ unique needs.

But most importantly, I’m truly passionate about helping people achieve their goals and feel good about their lives. This isn’t just a job to me – it’s my calling. I care deeply about my clients and want to see them thrive, and I believe that my compassion and dedication truly set me apart.

So, if you’re looking for a productivity coach who’s anything but ordinary, look no further! Send me a DM and let’s chat about how I can help you and your team achieve your wildest dreams. Let’s make productivity fun and fulfilling, not a burden!

Is this how you FEEL ?

If you find that you are so busy running your work, family and home-life that you have forgotten about your own, you are not alone. As our lifestyles become progressively busier, we spend more of our time on the go, and less on the things we need to refresh ourselves. Every day I meet busy women facing overwhelm because they are overloaded with responsibilities.

But you can take back control, from chaos and pressure to breakthrough and change and you don’t have to do it on your own.

Get Motivated, Confident and Focus again to get unstuck in any area of your life.

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Discover the life-changing benefits of The S.O.U.L System

Are you Ready to unlock your full potential and achieve more with less stress?

If you feel like you’ve achieved success in some areas of your life, but still struggle to find balance in your family, health, finances or career, and feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unsure of how to unlock your full potential, I am here to help you!

Throughout the years I’ve done my best to live by a set of simple principles that allow me to focus on what matters most and ignore what doesn’t, but that said, being effective with your time is NOT a one-time event.

It is a practice and a learnable skill. It’s something we must keep revisiting and revising as we go because as we each enter different seasons and stages of our life our goals and priorities naturally change.

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Life experiences and watching so many others struggling with the day by day, pushing themselves to the limit and finally exploding without having the results they deserved made me think that I really need to help in one way or another, and it was then when I created the SOUL System 

It’s time for you to stop conforming to the toxic culture of overwork and stand up for yourself to start living the joyful productive life you deserve.

It is about time!


Claudia leverages her research and knowledge in the productivity field shining a light on various ways time can be optimised.

She helps and teaches business owners, and executive leaders how to increase the productivity of their teams by helping them reduce stress levels and overwhelm so there is less staff turnover and the business can increase profits and grow consistently, but also help to achieve the same in their own lives.

As a captivating speaker, Claudia delivers top-quality masterclasses on achieving success in all aspects of work and life. Despite her ongoing battle with cancer, she remains dedicated to building her speaking career and inspiring others to overcome challenges and rediscover their sense of purpose. Through her experience leading through times of uncertainty and change, she has developed a deep understanding of how to manage stress, build resilience in herself and others, and maintain a positive and forward-thinking mindset.

Her proven and easy to follow methods and non-traditional productivity approach help people in business overcome overwhelm and burnout, simplify their lives and achieve the results they want – growing their business and having time to have fun in their personal lives without feeling guilty nor having any regrets.

Services for YOU

Find the healthy, successful, and happy balance that will give you back your time.

My services are focused on you, because every so often we all feel overwhelmed. So, if you are looking for:


A space for rediscovering yourself and do the things you love


Better work-life balance


Let go of the things that are not longer serving you


Escape from Overwhelm

Services for YOUR TEAM

Are you looking to improve your team productivity, reduce absences and increase the business profits and growth in an easy and friendly way?
I can help you transform how you work effectively in a fast-paced environment. All the workshops are tailored to your needs and the needs of your team without any of the overwhelm. It's time to reach your best performance and be very productive in your whole life... achieve the results that you are wanting to have and get time to do what matters the most for you.


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After following Claudia’s recommendations and guidelines, I have noticed that time has multiplied as if by magic.

I was always behind with everything and very stressed. Now I delegate what I can and leave it to others to solve their problems, I do my job more efficiently and I have time to enjoy my family.

Now I am in the way to be on top and in control of my time.

working effectively and efficiently with others

I’m quite possibly one of the least consistent entrepreneurs in the sisterhood. After just a short call with Claudia, I have gained some clarity around my business goals/direction, and I now have the outline of some strategies to encourage me out of my old ways of working into something far more effective.

Claudia is also helping me with some accountability which we figured out was something I was really going to need. After just one session I’m excited.

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I definitely use my time much better, and I am much more aware when I’m not using my time wisely

Also, I feel that I am being more productive with my time and getting things done because of the tools I have learnt and having accountability has helped hugely.

productivity coach

I would highly recommend Claudia as a coach.

Claudia gave me clear steps in each session to help me keep on track.

I have gained so much clarity on time management and how to manage my time better.

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A simple guide to start to get you more results in every area of your life, understand how you use your time and how you can improve daily, to plan better, to do more in less time and achieve what you want.

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