Choosing when to see the Big Picture

goal set

It is often said that we have to see the big picture.

I can agree with that sometimes and in some things, but there are times and places where I find I am an advocate for NOT seeing the bigger picture.

You might think that doesn’t make any sense… Bear with me. I know it does.

You see, when you are surrounded by clutter or overloaded with work and you feel you are facing a massive task, the best thing to do is to apply tunnel vision and focus in on one little piece of the puzzle.

Or you can choose the alternative, to focus on the entire massive task all at once and from there you will start to overwhelm and get very anxious and in the end, you will be paralysed and do NOTHING.

We start to procrastinate, and the big picture starts to grow and get bigger and bigger while we keep going in a downward spiral because we feel the weight of the world is on us.

The way to get out of that spiral isn’t simply by being positive and having affirmations that ‘yes we can’. The most important thing is to just start, by focusing in on one step at a time, one small bite, look for one small piece or section of the puzzle to work on.

Then we begin to see results and start to feel good about ourselves and our achievements. We start to believe we are capable, and our confidence begins to grow.

The end of the year is coming, and it’s a time when we should be looking back to see if we have achieved any of the things we had planned at the start of the year…

Reviewing and resetting

I can assure you that many people (I include myself in this) didn’t achieve all the things we wanted to, and I wonder why…

It’s probably because we wish things happened by magic, or we say “that’s easy, I’ll leave it until later” (but later never comes), or life happens and we hadn’t realised how quickly life and time would pass and we find ourselves saying ‘I don’t have enough time to do that’.

Let’s face it, there will never be enough time to do everything we want to if we overload our to-do lists.

So for the year that is coming, the start of a new decade, let’s commit to setting smarter goals. Let’s make sure that the things we really want to aim for are not just dreams that will drift away into thin air…

Write those dreams down on a piece of paper, be clear and set dates for when you want to accomplish them, and then work on a set out a few steps that will truly help you to achieve your dreams (or goals if you prefer to call them that). Be clear and take action daily. You will see that you are getting closer to making them happen.

Set a few goals for each area of your life, make them S.M.A.R.T.E.R (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely, Exciting and Rewarding) put your energy daily into getting closer to completion.

And if you fail, learn from it. Learn how to improve, how to make things better, how to make things easier, who you need to reach out to that could help you. Asking for help is not failing, it is working smartly, and always gives you another point of view that can shine a light on something you have missed that might just solve the very thing you had been stuck on.

We should learn what to keep and what to discard….

If you fail and see that the results weren’t what you expected, if you find the things you are doing are just not doing you good, you can drop them.

You can tweak your plan, or you can use part of it to get better and better.

One thing you must keep in mind – never stay quiet or give up on your goals because of a small bump in the road.

Giving up on bad habits, giving up on limiting beliefs, giving up on negative people around us – these are things that it is worth letting go of.

Drop them without looking back. The rest is life, a path that is never the same for any two people. It can be easy at times and difficult at others, but the rewards at the end are great.

We need to walk our path and we can choose to do it alone or to ask for help and company to make it easier.

Now is our time to learn to set clear goals and have the perseverance to work on them AND achieve them.

Let’s start a new decade on the right track together, with a clear vision and purpose for our own life to make it much, much better.

Smashing the 2020 goals is the GOAL, and we can do it together. For that, you can focus on the big picture!

Claudia xx

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