Every 100 Years

is it possible

Are you serious about moving yourself and/or your business forward to new possibilities and making sure you keep a good life balance?

For several months now we have been living in a sort of bubble: it has been a bit like being in a waking nightmare or parallel universe…

We couldn’t have anticipated that this would happen to us, but it did. And in some ways I find myself feeling quite surprised that when the pandemic and its effects hit us we had our collective and individual guards so low.

One day…and just because as COVID was spreading rapidly across the world, I started to search through the history and funnily enough I found that big, worldwide pandemics seem to come around every 100 years…who would’ve known!

So what could have been done to prevent this whole mess? 

Why as humans do we make the same mistakes time and time again and find it so difficult to learn from the past?

We are such a funny species.

Maybe it’s because we live in the hope that we have the answers for everything, or that we believe we now have the technology to deal with all problems.

The reality is that a lot of the time we put our hopes, beliefs, trust, and expectations in the hands of others. We rely on others for many things, which is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as it is in the right measure.

But we can do so much more on our own, we can prepare ourselves in many ways for the impact of eventualities that we may not necessarily expect…and this starts with us, with each and every person thinking for themselves rather than leaning or waiting for the approval of others…

Is tragic to hear and read so many stories of people losing their jobs and they are struggling, because they cannot keep paying the cost of the lifestyles they were used to.

Are we ever going to learn?

Don’t get me wrong, this is a tragedy. But it also demonstrates how many people live without paying attention to the way they manage their money, or perhaps take for granted the job they thought was secure and so when something like this happens they don’t know how they are going to cover the basics.

I also wonder why in the current fast-paced world we live in, basic finance (or money studies) are not taught at school. We live in a consumer world, so why not to teach everyone how to use money properly, the importance of saving, and being mindful about the ways in which our money is used. 

I’m not saying that we should be constantly counting pennies, but knowing that part of what you earn gets set aside as savings goes a long way to make sure you have peace of mind if something unexpected comes your way.

However, getting back to my main point, what have we learned through this ordeal? Are we simply waiting until someone in government tells us what to do, or are we going to make sure we actively seek out and seize opportunities, and in doing so build some strong foundations for the future?

Are we going to sit down and cry until someone tells us that it’s all over or are we going to commit to learning that we DON’T NEED all of the things we thought we needed?

Next steps.

This moment in time is a great opportunity to change the way we were doing things before. It is a great opportunity to reformulate what we really want, from this very moment. We can reassess what we want for ourselves, for our families, for our children, for our friends and loved ones, for our environment, for our businesses.

And for that, we must take a look at our own reality. We need to think about what makes us happy, what we want to keep from the lockdown we have just lived through, what we want to change, what we want to achieve, and most importantly…WHY.

And once we have done that we need to plan ahead, addressing each area of life, keeping the good habits, and getting rid of the bad ones. We don’t need to pretend to be someone we don’t want to be, because if we do that maybe in the future will regret it.

Success in achieving this kind of transformation is possible, but it depends solely on each of us. 

It’s time to stop blaming others for our failures all the time (sometimes failures are another’s one fault, but mostly they are our own doing). 

We need to take responsibility for our actions and do something about the circumstances we find ourselves in. 

If we want to move ahead, we need to take positive steps and commit to doing rather than waiting for things to happen.

It is our choice and decision to take control of our lives, to be the driver and not the passenger, and to decide now is the time to thrive and shine.

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