Lemons = Lemonade

Lemons and lemonade

STOP – You can do so much more

When life gives you lemons….make lemonade, right?


You can do so much more with lemons. Use them for making savoury dishes, tasty desserts, things to go on toast, cleaning products, beauty products, cocktails. There are so many options….

Do you get my point? Not Yet?

Well, my point is not about lemons specifically, but the analogy is a great one for the point I am trying to make.

Why stick to dealing with all of life’s lemons in just one way when there are plenty of other options?

Is it because someone once hit the jackpot with lemonade that we all want to keep repeating the same success?

Could it be because it’s easier to follow something that has already been proven to work so we don’t have to think too hard about finding our own way through the challenges we face?

Maybe, Is it because it is the easy option? Easier just to follow what others do?

Is it because we are afraid of being different and being judged?

Or is it because we really didn’t think there were any other options to consider?

Each of these reasons might be partly true, but in a way they are also all about how our brains want us to think, because the way we live has trained them to work in particular ways.

The easy way. The simple way. The already-proven way.

Often these ways don’t really get us to where we want to be, to the places we really desired to be in. This can be true for anything in life.

There are no new ingredients, but changing the recipe involves mixing them up in ways that might just strike the jackpot with something sensational. If we never try a new way, we’ll never get anywhere new.

We will make mistakes and sometimes the mixes we try will turn out pretty badly, but there will also be greatness and success

For these things we need to be brave and adventurous. We have to talk to our inner selves, and tell our minds that new things can be great and amazing, that we are able and capable of achieving incredible things.

Every single one of us can move forward, and the only thing that can really stop us is the limitation of our own mindset.

So – if you want to keep making lemonade from lemons, that’s great. But if you suddenly realise that you’d actually like to have the whole range of lemon-based products then you will have to stand up, get creative and take action.

Your imagination is the limit.


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