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Claudia Romero

Holistic Productivity and Time Efficiency Expert and Consultant

Helping business and team leaders in organisations increase productivity, and reduce staff turnover so they can increase profits and grow consistently.

Who I am

Claudia Intro

Claudia Romero is a Time Efficiency and Holist Productivity Expert and Consultant who has had her fair share of challenges yet understands the importance of balance.

Claudia leverages her research and knowledge in the field shining a light on various ways time can be optimised.

She helps and teaches business owners, and team leaders how to increase the productivity of their teams by helping them reduce stress levels and overwhelm so there is less staff turnover and the business can increase profits and grow consistently.

As an ex-pat, a mother of 3, with one child with severe disabilities and 1 child with ASD, and the owner of multiple businesses, Claudia has vast experience on manage and succeeding in work-life balance.

Her proven and easy to follow methods and non-traditional productivity approach help people in business overcome overwhelm and burnout, simplify their lives and achieve the results they want – growing their business and having time to have fun in their personal lives without feeling guilty nor having any regrets.

Claudia is also a captivating speaker who will deliver a first-class masterclass for achieving success.

What I can talk about

My talks are centred around productivity but in a non-traditional approach.

And I tailor my talks to what would be most beneficial for your audience, the following are some example titles from talks that I have delivered in the past for different groups:

Reclaiming your Time

5 Steps on how to free yourself of a busy life

Are you ready to smash your yearly resolutions?

How being present can help you to be more productive

Create a work-life balance without dropping the ball

Achieve More with Less Stress

Video Testimonial

Final words from Elliot Kay about my presentation at the Breakthrough to Success in Challenging Times done on November 11th 2022 in London


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