Time for a girls’ night out?

Make time for someone special this Valentine’s Day – yourself!

Whether it’s making time get glammed up ahead of a romantic date, or – more likely for those of us with families – making sure you get some “me time” to get your through a hectic half-term holiday (at least here where I live), taking time to take care of yourself is important.

And, if you manage to make some time to catch up with your female friends, that’s even better. According to recent research from the University of Oxford, an outing with your female friends can really give you a boost.

The study – headed by Emeritus Professor of Evolutionary Psychology, Robin Dunbar – suggests that women’s overall health can be improved if they do something with their close female friends twice a week. Better yet, that “something” doesn’t have to be an energetic activity to bring about a benefit. Catching up for coffee, going out for a meal or even just sharing the latest gossip can boost your mood and health.

Great news if you’ve got a Galentine’s Day* celebration planned – and the prefect excuse to plan a girls’ night out if you haven’t!

* https://www.pinterest.co.uk/distinctivs/galentines-day-party-ideas/

What are your plans for this Valentine’s Day? You can contact me or let me know on my Facebook page to see what are you all up to…